Global Trends in Higher Education Financing Project

2012 - 2018

The cost of higher education continues to escalate at an alarming rate in the United States and globally. Public funding sources from around the world are increasingly under pressure to reduce allocations towards higher education while at the same time raising outcome expectations. Unfortunately this financial outlook is projected to continue well into the future, and in many instances it is deemed unsustainable in the long run. Within this context, the Global Trends in Higher Education Financing Project was conceptualized to examine good and best practices of higher education finance models in international contexts. Read More


Professional Development Centers in World-Class Universities

This project examines current initiatives and future strategic trends world-class universities focus on in supporting the professional development of their faculty, staff, administrators, and students. Multiple publications have already resulted from this study (Jacob et al. 2014, 2015, 2018), with others currently under review.


Jacob, W. James; Xiong, Weiyan; & Ye, Huiyuan. 2015. Professional Development Programs at World-Class Universities. Palgrave Communications, 1(2): 1-27. DOI: 10.1057/palcomms.2015.2.

Jacob, W. James; Xiong, Weiyan; & Ye, Huiyuan. 2014. Establishing a Standard for Academic Excellence: Professional Development Programs at Four World-Class Universities. Read More


Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership

The Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership is a membership organization consisting of some 25 universities, ministries of education, and quality assurance entities joined together to identify, explore, and conduct research on key issues of higher education change within the Asia Pacific Region. APHERP is based at the East-West Center on the beautiful University of Hawaii at Manoa campus in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Jacob was instrumental in drafting the Partnership’s first strategic plan. For more information, visit the APHERP website. Read More


Indigenous Higher Education

Indigenous education has been another research passion of mine, especially looking at ways to provide greater higher education access to indigenous peoples in rural and remote locations and to individuals from disadvantaged and low socioeconomic background settings. Recognizing that there was no existing comparative, international, and development education volume that specifically focused on indigenous education, in 2010 I invited two experts (Sheng Yao Cheng and Maureen K. Porter) to help me co-edit a volume that could help fill this void. Published in 2015, Indigenous Education: Language, Culture, and Identity has since received wide recognition and work is currently underway to have sections of the book translated into Chinese and Bangla. Read More