Professional Development Centers in World-Class Universities

This study examines current initiatives and future strategic trends world-class universities focus on in supporting the professional development of their faculty, staff, administrators, and students. Multiple publications have already resulted from this study (Jacob, Xiong, and Ye 2014, 2015), with several others currently under review.


Jacob, W. James; Xiong, Weiyan; & Ye, Huiyuan. 2015. Professional Development Programs at World-Class Universities. Palgrave Communications, 1(2): 1-27. DOI: 10.1057/palcomms.2015.2.

Jacob, W. James; Xiong, Weiyan; & Ye, Huiyuan. 2014. Establishing a Standard for Academic Excellence: Professional Development Programs at Four World-Class Universities. Peking University Education Review, 12(2): 27-46.